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This page contains all the local news stories we've published, showing the issues & causes we are campaigning on across North East Essex.

  • Cllr Mackrory on a bicycle
    Article: Jul 8, 2016

    A new Essex Cycling Strategy has been adopted by Essex County Council's Cabinet. It has been welcomed by Lib Dem Transport spokesman Cllr. Stephen Robinson, but he did query how they plan to achieve any of the fine objectives without allocating any extra money!

    ECC appear to pin their hopes on a Government stated intention to increase spending on cycling from £3 per head to at least £10 per head.

  • School Traffic Sign1
    Article: May 12, 2016

    Essex County Councillors from all parties have backed a Lib Dem proposal to oppose the forced conversion of Essex schools into academies and control by Whitehall.

    The Liberal Democrat motion opposed government plans to:

    • force all "coasting" schools to become academies, irrespective of each school's wishes
    • remove elected parent governors
    • leave local councils with responsibility for issues such as school places without the full powers needed to discharge them
    • expand the use of unqualified teachers.
  • Mark Cory & the Lib Dem team
    Article: May 9, 2016
    By Tom Stevenson

    North East Essex Liberal Democrats are celebrating the results of last week's elections in Colchester. The local party covers the rural areas of Colchester within the Harwich & North Essex parliamentary constituency, as well as the entirety of Tendring District, which did not have local elections.

  • Gas Meter
    Article: May 3, 2016

    3055 households across Essex have saved between them nearly £1 million by switching to a new gas and electricity supplier. They got together under a group deal brokered by independent agent iChoosr, and promoted by Essex County Council.

    The scheme works by bringing together residents who want to pay less for their gas and electricity. iChoosr then does a bulk deal, by asking the different gas and electricity companies to bid for their custom.

    On average, each household signing up to the scheme saved £335.15.

    Essex Lib Dem Councillor Stephen Robinson commented, "After being elected in 2012, joint buying of energy was one of the first things I suggested. I am proud that, when the Liberal Democrats were running the Department of Energy, we helped the growth of smaller electricity companies to challenge the "big six" companies and made it possible to bring down prices.

    "Proactive government can help people save money when times are tough."

    Anyone who missed this deal can sign up for the next switch that will be taking place this May, and join the thousands of other Essex residents in taking control of their household bills.

    For further information see www.essex.gov.uk/energyswitch

  • Kevin McNamara for Essex Police & Crime Commissioner
    Article: Apr 3, 2016

    An experienced, local campaigner is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Essex Police & Crime Commissioner. Kevin McNamara, from Grays in south Essex, says he plans to tackle the many areas where the Conservatives have let residents down over policing.

    Essex police has less to spend per resident than any other force in the country and was recently criticised by HM Inspector of Constabulary for failing to adequately protect children at risk of harm.

  • Article: Feb 11, 2016

    The Conservative government has today confirmed that it plans to close Colchester County Court and Family Court with effect from early 2017. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has called the programme of court closures "an attack on access to justice."

    According to the Law Society, "Colchester Courts are used by court users in surrounding rural areas, such as Tendring. Those court users would face substantially longer and more expensive journeys if the court closes; 86 per cent of users would have to travel for one to two hours by public transport to reach the alternative court", which could "have a serious impact on the ability and willingness of victims, witnesses, defendants and jurors, particularly those on low incomes, to attend court."

  • Article: Feb 11, 2016

    Proposals for extra support for young people, and to undertake more road and pavement repairs were tabled at Essex County Council, by the Liberal Democrats in the budget debate this week. However, these were rejected by the Conservatives, who approved a budget containing £75 million of cuts, which will hit vulnerable youngsters and older people.

  • Gazette reports Wivenhoe roadworks safety concerns
    Article: Jan 21, 2016

    Essex County Council has responded to criticism from Wivenhoe councillor Mark Cory about the safety implications caused by diverted traffic from the ongoing cyclepath works in Wivenhoe (see earlier article here). They have now instigated a one-way system on Elmstead Road in a bid to reduce accidents and improve safety.

  • Article: Jan 17, 2016

    Our friends at Colchester Lib Dems have launched a petition calling on "Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council to ensure that buses, taxis and heavy goods vehicles that enter our town centre are zero or low emission models or fitted with filters to control harmful exhaust emissions."

    Whilst Colchester town centre is not part of the North East Essex Lib Dems area, we know that many people who live in our area work in or regularly visit the town centre, and would undoubtedly benefit from the improvement in the environment which this would create.

  • Mark Cory raising safety concerns
    Article: Jan 11, 2016

    In an article in today's Gazette, Wivenhoe Cross Councillor Mark Cory has expressed his concerns about safety in the ongoing roadworks to construct a cyclepath between Wivenhoe and the University of Essex. He told the paper:

    "Essex County Council are ignoring residents and putting the safety of many pedestrians, car and bus users at risk.