The constituency consists of the coastal area between Walton-on-Naze and St. Osyth. The largest town is Clacton itself, followed by Frinton and Walton. These are seaside towns which rely partly on tourism and both Clacton and Walton have areas of deprivation, with employment and wage levels low for Essex. Jaywick in Clacton is the most deprived area in England. The area attracts large numbers of older people in retirement and coupled with the limited opportunities for young people, this had led to an increasingly old age profile. Many people commute to Colchester or travel down the A12 to Chelmsford and London. Clacton is served by a branch railway line but neither road nor rail links to bigger conurbations are good.


There is a branch in Clacton, which has a small office available for meetings. Until 2015, membership had been declining, but has now revived.

We have no councillors in Clacton, which is part of Tendring District Council.