Notice of Federal elections 2022

August 26, 2022 6:14 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

The Party website has lots of information in the internal-elections hub.


The key dates for these elections are:

  • Opening of nominations: Monday 12th September, 17:00
  • Close of nominations: Monday 26th September, 18:00
  • Deadline for submission of candidates' manifestos: Friday 30th September, 17:00
  • Despatch of ballot papers: Tuesday 25th October c13:00
  • Close of grace period for lapsing members to vote: Saturday 6th November 14:00
  • Deadline for return of ballot papers: Tuesday 8th November, 14:00
  • Deadline for return of electronic ballots: Tuesday 8th November, 17:00
  • Count and declaration of results: starting Wednesday 9th, 10:00. Aim to conclude by close of play.

Rules and regulations

The rules for the election can be found at the end of the Federal Constitution, you can read them by clicking here.

The Returning Officer has produced regulations and guidelines for candidates and their campaigns. Candidates must read the rules, regulations and guidelines.

Further to our initial publication of this guidance, some clarifications have been sought by potential candidates. You can find the Returning Officer's published clarifications by clicking here.


Consent to nomination

Candidates are required to signal that they consent to nomination by completing this form:

Candidates are recommended to submit this as early as possible, as their name will not appear on the online nomination system until it has been received.

Candidates will be required to provide demographic information as they fill in this form (see section 7.1 below).

Required member nominations

A candidate for Vice President, Federal Committees or ALDE Delegation requires the nomination of not less than 10 members, or one Local, Regional or State Party or Specified Associated Organisation.

A candidate for President requires the nomination of not less than 200 members in not less than 20 Local Parties.
The party has created an online nomination form (this can be found here: to ensure candidates are able to collect nominations easily.

We are not making paper nomination forms available in this election cycle to reduce the chances that candidates are unable to make the ballot and to reduce the administrative burden on staff running the election.

It is strongly advised that candidates should collect more than the required signatures to allow for errors or invalid nominations that may come to light when the papers are checked.

We will be able to give you an accurate up to date current total of how many signatures have been checked and will do so on request, at most once per day. Candidates will also receive an email notification when an online nomination is submitted for them. This does not mean the nomination has been accepted and it may later be invalidated by the Returning Officer.

Please remember the deadline for completed forms is Monday 26th September, 18:00. Completed forms received after the deadline, for whatever reason, will not be accepted.

Organisation Nominations

As an alternative to member nominations, a candidate can be nominated by a Local, Regional or State Party, or any AO.

To do this, the organisation wishing to nominate must hold a recorded vote at a quorate meeting to approve a nomination. The candidate being nominated must be approved by 50% + 1 of those in attendance.

Once that has been completed, the minutes of the meeting, along with a statement confirming that they are happy to nominate the candidate must be emailed to [email protected].

The Returning Officer will confirm receipt and acceptance separately. A candidate should only be considered nominated when both have been received.

Postal voting

An important update made by Conference to our election regulations is a change to postal voting.

We will be issuing ballots to members by email. If you usually receive a postal ballot, or have opted out of emails from us, you will need to specifically request a postal ballot or update your preferences so that we can email you a ballot. This change is a big step forward in meeting our green goals, also set by Conference.

If you want a postal ballot please use this typeform by clicking here or to update your email preferences contact [email protected].