Lib Dem Robertson to meet with Bishop in effort to tackle religiously based hate crime

October 23, 2020 11:50 PM
Originally published by Essex Liberal Democrats

In coming weeks, Lib Dem candidate for Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Callum Robertson has secured meetings with influential leaders from religous communities across Essex.

Robertson has secured a series of meetings as part of his efforts to set up a hate crime commission for Essex in response to concerns over rising hate crime figures.

The meeting follows Robertson's crime prevention-stakeholder tour of Essex where he sat down with frontline service providers to get a clear picture of the issues and their desired outcomes.

Robertson said:

"hate crime is a scourge on our society. We must route it out and the lacklusture approach of the current Conservative Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner simply is not good enough. He has focussed on perpetuating a pointless war on drugs, that unfairly targets the black community. His government Westminster refuses to make progressive changes to protect Trans people and in Essex we deserve better."