Essex Liberal Democrats welcome virtual Vince Cable

October 18, 2020 2:36 PM
By Essex Lib Dems
Originally published by Essex Liberal Democrats

On Wednesday, Essex Liberal Democrats and the University of Essex jointly hosted former Lib Dem Leader and Business Secretary Sir Vince Cable for a virtual Q&A.

The well attended event gave Essex based Lib Dems an opportunity to hear about our plans for the 2021 local elections from Leader of Chelmsford Council, Cllr Stephen Robertson as well as an introduction to Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Candidate Callum Robertson.

Vince spoke about the mental health implications of locking down students in halls and the need for the government to get this policy right.

He went on to address the Uyghur Crisis and the need to bring China along with the West when challenging its human rights abuses.

Finally he spoke about the need to rebuild from the ground up, using examples of massive council wins such as South Cambridgeshire in 2018 and Chelmsford in 2019.

VInce Essex

Vince Cable addressing Essex Lib Dems