The Government have no plan and no idea

February 9, 2018 7:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

Michel Barnier has warned that a transition period immediately after Brexit is 'not a given' and that he did not understand some of the UK's positions on Brexit.

When Barnier says he doesn't understand some of the positions the UK government are taking over Brexit, he is not only speaking for the EU but also the entire British population.

What is clear from the long weeks of negotiation is that the government has no plan, no strategy, and no idea.

The future direction of this country is at stake and Barnier has made it quite clear that this Government is driving us down a dangerous road.

The Tories must rule out no deal, but can't do so, because they clearly have no faith in their chief negotiator to deliver a good deal for the UK.

At the end of these negotiations, whatever the outcome, the people must be given a say on the final deal.

They must be given a chance to exit from Brexit.