Liberal Democrat News 11th May 2012

May 11, 2012 2:10 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

Long lasting reforms

Key Liberal Democrat initiatives were announced in the Queen's Speech on Wednesday including banking reform, a single tier pension, energy reform, strengthening shareholder power and House of Lords reform.

The Coalition government's next term will focus on helping families, supporting growth and jobs, and delivering long-standing reform to our banking sector. Long lasting reforms are proposed to put the UK on a stable footing and offer help and support to families, small businesses and communities, protect the environment, as well as reaffirming the commitment to helping the poorest nations.

The key themes from the 2012 Queen's Speech are economic growth, justice and constitutional reform.

Main Lib Dem initiatives include:

  • Banking Reform
  • Single tier pension
  • Shared parental leave and more help for SEN children
  • Energy reform
  • Social Care
  • House of Lords Reform

Other Lib Dem led initiatives:

  • Green Investment Bank
  • Strengthening shareholder power in deciding directors' pay
  • Grocery Code Adjudicator Bill - Fair trade for British famers
  • Water Bill to increase competitiveness and improve efficiency
  • Defamation Reform
  • Reform of community sentencing

Overseas Aid

"I'm confident we have secured a good outcome for both our party and the country," said Nick Clegg. "Our challenge now is communicating our success in the Queen's Speech, as well as in this government more widely, to voters everywhere."