Simon Hughes: Sun setting on the Murdoch empire

July 13, 2011 3:15 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

"My colleagues and I have been warning for 17 years of the dangers of the growing influence of the Murdochs in Britain.

"Three days ago the most popular Murdoch title disappeared - ruined by the excesses of some of its staff. Today the News Corp bid for BSkyB has been withdrawn.

"At last the sun is setting on Rupert Murdoch's British empire.

"Journalism in the UK used to have the reputation as the best in the world. It is in the interests of all the public that this reputation is now restored."

Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Culture, Media and Sport, Don Foster added:

"This is a huge victory for the British people who forced politicians to take action.

"While I welcome this announcement, it doesn't remove the urgent need to address issues including the ineffectiveness of the PCC, rules around media ownership, the 'fit and proper' rule and wider issues of plurality.

"It's vital that the inquiry now goes ahead. We must get to the bottom of the wrong doing that has taken place, bringing those who have broken the law to justice while protecting and promoting a free and open press which can rightly hold people to account."