Don’t scrap lollipop patrols, urges MP

January 5, 2011 8:13 PM
Originally published by East of England Liberal Democrats

With several councils reported to be scrapping School Crossing Wardens to save money, Road Safety campaigning Colchester MP Bob Russell has written to Essex County Council urging them to retain all the county's Lollipop patrols.

Liberal Democrat Mr Russell was for several years Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Road Safety Group. His letter to the County Council was prompted by reports that around the country several councils had axed Lollipop wardens and Essex is debating whether to fill 11 vacant School Crossing Warden positions.

Pointing out that the estimated cost of a fatality is more than £1 million, Mr Russell said: "Noting the huge cost to the public purse as a consequence of serious injuries and fatalities on our roads, I trust Essex County Council will not be sacking any School Crossing Wardens and will fill vacancies as they arise.

"Whatever the financial constraints, I hope that all at County Hall will agree that putting at risk the wellbeing and lives of children is not an acceptable saving."